Health comes in many forms. By understanding what matters most and engaging in your health I believe you can live a full and healthy life.

Exercise: with an ever growing number of exercise formats, 2018 will be the year we see more research pointing to a simple fact: the best exercise is the one you are most consistent with. Consistency trumps anything fancy 9 times out of 10. Ask yourself – what do I enjoy the most?
Nutrition: pulses: beans, peas, and lentils. Cheap, nutritious and easy to cook with. They are not exotic or by any means new. Paleo may have bashed them a few years back but it’s their time to shine. See one of my favourite recipes here – I remembering getting the recipe off my mom in first year university. I often sub bacon for the spices and use a stock over water.
Sleep: nutrition and exercise are well established pillars of good health. Sleep is something we do for 6-9 hours each day and its effect on your health is large. Look out for more research and blogs on napping in 2018. We may be time crunched but could we trade 20 minutes of screen time for a little siesta??
Mental health: inextricably tied to the above three, we will continue to see research that ties exercise, meditation, socializing, cell phones, and sleep to our mental well being. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions can be difficult to manage but they are probably the most important. In my own field of physio I hope to see a greater emphasis on psychology in school…sadly this might be a bit of long shot for 2018.

Look out for a monthly update around the middle of each month.

Here is to happy and balanced health in 2018.