Become a great adult athlete

Experience that translates to a better service

Why: It can be a challenge to balance family, work and exercise. I don’t sell a magic pill but through hard work, dedication, and following what an adult needs in their sport I hope to have you back training and performing at your best.

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Perform hard and smart

Youth athletes need good education and sound training programs

Why: Youth athletes are demanding more and more of their bodies. As a former competitive rugby player and sport enthusiast I understand what it is like to train as a teenager. As your body grows there are unique factors that adults do not have to deal with. There is also a growing amount of unhelpful advice regarding pain and healing. I want my community of youth athletes to grow up empowered with evidence based framework of healthy living. To learn more, read about my youth rehab curriculum.

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Play your best squash

Knowledge and experience to help you reach your squash goals

Why: Squash is an incredible game and I am fortunate to work out of a squash club. I spend time every day on the court or in the gym working on my game. My experience in the sport combined with my back ground in strength and conditioning and rehab position me well to help you with your squash needs. Whether you are working through in an injury, looking for conditioning advice, or need strength guidance I am here to help. I love working with anyone active but its always nice to be able to speak the same sport language.

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PPS. An injury keeping you from you best? I can help.