Last week, a 9 month intensive course, The Clinical Mentorship in The Integrated Systems Model (ISM Lee & Lee), began with Diane Lee in White Rock. A number of the veteran therapists from the clinic (Jill, Rachael, Cathy, Calvin) assisted Diane and David Carter took part in the course. It was an incredibly educational and fun five days

We believe strongly in the ISM (see previous post) as it is a  functional approach that allows us to help you, the client, achieve your goals.The model is based around what has meaning and importance to you the client. Pain or physical impairments often lead you to our door and it is our job to not only treat the site of pain but to find the cause of the pain. This often requires addressing other areas in the body. This paradigm shift requires an understanding of how the whole body functions and how certain problems can impact other regions of the body. It also requires an understanding of how the things you feel and believe about your current experience can impact your function.What can you take away from this?

 Next time you are walking, playing, or exercising pay attention to your body. Think about the ease of movement, movements that are difficult, your strengths, your weaknesses. You will be amazed at what you pick up and what changes you can make to your experience just by paying closer attention.

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Yours in health,
David Carter