What is a physio? That is a great question. Although we have many hats a private practice physiotherapist working with adult populations can best be described as:

A healthcare professional who works in a one to one setting to improve a clients movement (movements that have meaning to you), reduce pain and prevent injury. We do this by using hands on manual therapy (dry needling, manipulation, soft tissue massage), injury education (why this occurred and how it will heal) and empowerment (what can you do to help your situation).

The following 6 items describe a good physio:
1. They pay close attention to both a client’s goals and passions.
2. They take the time to assess not only the site of injury but all the relevant movement patterns that may contribute to an injury.
3. They spend time explaining the treatment plan, the injury, and what needs to be done at home.
4. Exercise is our most powerful tool and is proven to lessen pain and aid in injury recovery (Mechanotherpay, pain reduction 1, 2, 3). To make it easy a physio should send you relevant pictures or videos that allow you to do your home movement program with ease.
5. If things are not improving within 2-6 visits they refer on to other trusted healthcare professionals.
6. They stay up to date with relevant evidence and don’t sell you on the latest fad. They understand that things may change over time and they have the integrity to admit when they are wrong (Checkout the book – Persuadable).

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I hope this helps you better understand our profession and provides you with some clarity on what to expect from a good physio. Yours in health,

Dave Carter