A short week with the NYE in the middle but that just meant extra time to find some awesome content on the web. I have included a couple from Seth Godin which I think are useful for anyone.

1. A quick synopsis of the effectiveness and theory behind plyometric training. Thanks Kirrily Curran for the information.

2. Moderation. This is something that is very relevant to physiotherapists. Malcolm Gladwell‘s new book delves into this further. I have not yet ready but it is on the list for 2014.

3. If you missed this last year here is Mike Reinold’s Foolproof way to learn. I think it is a wonderful idea but it is important to keep track of what you have learnt either via a blog, word documents, or Evernote.

4. This post by Seth on Nelson Mandela is a great reminder of what we can do!

5. Big shout out to Jason Shane for his two posts on driving customers to your business. I think Paul Wright would be proud! Thanks Jason and Peter for sharing! You can also check out my write up which reviews Paul Wrights interview.

Yours in health,

Dave Carter