The modern man’s business trip

I can’t say for certain but I think the morning of a typical business trip has changed over the past 20 years…even the past 5 years.

– – – – – –

The night’s sleep was fraught with pre-emtive wake ups even though the last failure of your alarm clock occurred when you were 15.

You wake up around 5, not to a beeping alarm but to a gradual light alarm meant to mimic the rising of the sun. It’s civilized.

You head downstairs, dig into a bowl of meusli, home made of course and slug back a cup of water. You follow that up with a bialetta coffee, beans ground the night before, and a glob of coconut oil. I like the coconut oil because it tastes good not because of some fancy fat. I still believe that wheat has a role in our life so I slather a nice sourdough levain with some Nutella and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Moms joined me by this time. Neither of us like being woken by our nine month old screaming so an early wake up is a necessity.

The little guy waits to about 6.15 to wake up – I may just have time to see him before I leave. While Mom goes to feed him I consider meditating using my Headspace app but chose to forgo the new health craze – that makes me sound like I am bashing mindfulness, which I shouldn’t, I think it is totally beneficial.

The twenty minutes is up. I rush upstairs to give the little guy a hug and a kiss my father probably wouldn’t have given in his day. As I go in for the pick up I get slammed by the stench of a newly soiled diaper. Not to fret, I lay him down on his comfy peanut (a beautifully designed change pad) and clean him up. I finish up the job and pat myself on the back. Job well done dad????

It’s almost time for me to go so I pull out my phone, reserve a Car 2 Go and pack my final items.

One last hug and kiss for mom and baby and I head out the door. I drop the car at the subway and take the line to the airport. Technology almost makes everything too easy.

I arrive with plenty of time. It’s time to write about my morning. The modern mans business trip – morning edition.

Our lives are cool but not that cool???? and that’s ok.