There are three main goals of the challenge

  1. To get in touch (not obsess) with what you are eating

  2. To offer exercise options and implement them consistently

  3. To help kickstart good exercise and eating habits

What you get

  1. A place to track your food. I will look this overly weekly and provide reflective feedback

  2. Weekly workouts that can be done outdoors or in the gym

  3. Support. Ask me questions – if I don’t know I will do some digging so we both come away a little brighter:)

  4. The opportunity to push yourself and potentially win TWO training sessions

What you need

  1. Access to a google spreadsheets OR IOS NOTES

  2. Check your email to see the weekly challenge and the “required reading”

  3. Time to read and move each week:)

What I hope to impart

  1. Unless you have a medical dietary restriction all food can and should be enjoyed

  2. There are lots of ways to move. Find exercise you enjoy, do it consistently and make it challenging when you can

  3. By being mindful of what you eat throughout the day it can be easier to eat a balanced diet

  4. Some of my views will challenge your own. Hopefully this allows for reflection and questions.


How things are counted – it’s all about consistency:)

  1. Daily food entry 1 point
  2. Exercise entries 1 point
  3. Challenges 1 point
  4. Classes 1 point
  5. Bonus points for consistency: completing the same workout 10x or more times 3 points
$50 – cheque, cash, or e-transfer (
Jan 15th – Feb 15th