Last Thursday I was lucky enough to spend the day at Diane Lee’s clinic in White Rock. It was the first time, and hopefully not the last time, that I was able to experience this assessment and treatment technique first hand (see Thoracic ring for a short introductory class to part of the model). Like other physiotherapy treatment models available today, the focus is on the person and the driver of their pain. When I use the term the “person” I mean the things that are important to that individual: their goals, their sport, their profession, and their meaningful task.  A few components that really stuck with me were the following:

1. Therapists and patients worked with their socks and shoes off – allowing them to be grounded.

2. The meaningful tasks was broken down into individual components and the attention to detail of each movement was awesome!

3. Pain models are used comprehensively and well understood

4. The use of yoga and breathing in a functional manner was outstanding

5. True neuroanatomy knowledge and application was used very well. Diane was able to use what I blindly memorized in school effectively and functionally.

The studio as well as all the treatment rooms are also first class. Great equipment, good lighting, and a professional / private feel. All the therapists practice under the ISM.  This enables the therapists to easily discuss patients in a language they all understand and it allows junior therapists easy access to mentorship.

I have the first book in the pelvic girdle series so once my research paper is complete I’ll be tucking into some evening reads.

Thanks again to Diane and her team.