People often ask me the following question: what is the best way to stay injury free? There are many ways to answer this question and althought it may be difficult to say with 100 percent certainty, I do have a few ideas.

1. Move often: We know that being sedentary is awful for our general health and our soft tissue structures.

2. Have different strategies for movement: If we do move I would hypothosize that the more options we have to do the movement the less likely we are to repeatedly stress a certain tissue. Professional athletes who repeatedly have to perform the same movement work incredibly hard to find balance in their body by cross training (weights, cardio, swinging left handed). We could also examine the way you pick up objects. If it is heavy are you using your thighs and hips? If it is a light object do you use a different strategy? There are lots of ways to pick things up, start exploring new ways.

3. Move with purpose: get in tune with your body by being attentive to the way your body feels when it moves a certain way. Bring awareness to where the movement adds stress, identify what happens when you make a suttle change and be aware of your breathing. I think people that are good at this are good at adapting movement when things don’t feel right in the body.

4. Do a little movement practice every day. Identify your weaknesses and work on them for 5 minutes per day. Consistency is the key. Find some videos here.

5. Take rest days and know when to back off when something starts to hurt.  I understand that there are times when we are in the heat of a match and we must push through to get the win but if you notice something during a training session try backing off for a few days. Often if we scale things back early our recovery is quicker. This can be hard to do but very important.

These are the ideas that I focus on for myself and try to teach to my clients. The problem is that sometimes no matter how perfectly we move or how attentive we are, tissues can get overloaded. Do your best to find variety in your movement, move more often and listen to your body. With this advice you should be a little better off:)

Thanks for reading. Yours in health,