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The importance of breathing

The importance of breathing

In the past few weeks I have begun to garner an even greater appreciation of the role that breathing plays in both exercise and good health. At the SFMA course, Behnad and Kiesel both alluded to the power of good breathing patterns. Early this week Mike Reinold (see article below) discussed his experience at a course instructed by renowned respiratory physiotherapist Lee Chaitnow (see book below).

To learn more, I started by studying my own breathing patterns. While doing my morning stretches I focused on my breath. I came to realize that I was not getting good lateral expansion of my lower ribs. I also noticed that I had poor breathing patterns when I was completing seemingly basic tasks (bending down or tying my shoes for example).

I have been working with my father, who recently underwent total knee arthroplasty. He has a tendency to hold his breath when performing certain exercises. I have him focus on good lateral expansion and consistent breaths. You can usually see immediate improvements in his exercise tolerance when he does this well.

Currently at NWSM I have used breathing to help decrease pain and increase tolerance to exercise in patients with higher levels of pain (often low back). I hope to continue to explore how breathing can help me in the clinic as I enter the work force full time in October.

For some good reads on breathing and its effect on the body follow the links:
Mike Reinold:
Leon Chaitnow:

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