I love my work and I think this passion is reflected in the reviews I receive from my clients.

David has been my physiotherapist for a number of years and I have always received (and continue to receive) top quality care. David is unique as he holds an absolute dedication to his patient’s well being and recovery process. His pleasant disposition has always put me at ease (even during times of worry regarding my personal healthy) and his willingness to listen to my concerns and to provide detailed/described recovery plans has always kept me positive through the healing process. Knowledgeable, personable and unwaveringly professional, he will even send you follow up emails weeks past your appointments on a regular basis. I can not recommend David enough.

thumb John K
August 22, 2018

Highly recommended! Dave is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. He even went the extra mile by sending follow-up emails to ensure that my "homework" exercises were going well. His focus on "healing through movement" has certainly shifted my thinking regarding the need to "just rest" through an injury. Schedule an appointment already!

thumb Sara Tilley
July 10, 2018

He definitely knows his stuff! He fixed my shoulder issue and got me back to Dragon boating pain free!

thumb Steve Vulama
August 6, 2018

I recently had back surgery a few months ago from a herniated disc and prior to seeing David I wasn’t feeling at all confident with my body or my movements and still had lingering pain post-op. David helped me out enormously with getting my body back on track and gave me the tools and exercises needed to achieve those goals! David was very insightful and knowledgeable and listened to everything I had to say and built an action plan around my needs. I highly encourage anyone whose gone through something similar to go see him! I feel like a brand new person and I’m so happy to almost be back at 100%

thumb william briggs
March 22, 2018