Low back pain is the most common complaint seen in physiotherapy. Some of the initial treatments and things to consider include:

1. Threat reduction
– whether this is the first time or something more persistent with appropriate therapy, good education and improved movement the pain will resolve.

2. Your daily habits
-what is your desk set up? Get into a position where you minimize rotation, reaching, and slouching onto your tailbone.
– what sport do you play regularly. Can we modify the way you are doing it?

3. Release
– we identify the muscles that are over strained and treat them with needles, massage and certain stretches. Sometimes we may treat areas that are distal to your pain site. This is because sometimes one of the body can drive pain in another!

3. Strength
– simple movements to start. The goal is to progress the load and challenge each week.
– it is important for us to identify the areas that your body my be compensating for

4. Sitting position
– the optimal position for your back is when you sit on the two bones of your bum. Stay away from sitting on your tailbone and always remember to move, fidget, and change positions. The body loves movement.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and I always ensure that my treatment plan is tailored to the person in front of me. If you need more advice and treatment please book in.

Yours in health
Dave Carter