This week I am sharing useful resources on the shoulder. Both Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold are big names in shoulder rehab and provide lots of good information on their prospective websites. Shirley Sahrmann’s 1st book is another great resource for exercise rehab and patient classification. Not all clients fit into her classifications but she provides great insight and useful rehabilitation tips.

1. This series of four posts is a nice overview over of shoulder impingement its potential causes. From my experience impingement and an unstable scapula can also be caused by poorly stacked and aligned rings. Often a ring correction reduces their symptoms immediately.

2. This article discusses AC joint dislocations. It provided me with a better understanding of the types of dislocations and when / why they might perform surgery

3. This video provides an awesome stretch / mobilization for those clients who are hoping to start overhead lifting or those who need overhead range of motion for their work.

I hope the resources add to your knowledge and get you thinking!

Yours in health,
Dave Carter