The VRC is a wonderful club and I am happy to offer weekly classes and semi-annual bootcamps to all members of the club.

In our weekly fitness class, dubbed “Lean and Mean” I take members of all ages and skill level through a series of strength and speed exercises as well as balance and cardiovascular training

  • Tuesday: more high intensity and speed work with some strength
  • Thursday: more strength focused
  • Fridays (with Jamie Sonego) A blended class which changes with the seasons:)

The offer: 10 sessions for $150. Book online and use at your own convience. An incredible deal for intimate, well coached classes. Checkout my video page with loads of exercise videos.

VRC Squash bootcamp: The first of its kind at the VRC. I teamed up with Head Pro Duncan Maxwell to offer a unique blend of strength and conditioning and on court fitness, balance and technique.

  • 12 sessions run over 6 days meant to build you back up for the squash
  • The Goal is to have you prepared for the upcoming squash season
  • Always challenging but progressive in nature. We want you performing at your best while reducing injury rates
  • All spaces were filled for our August 29th to September 17th
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