Ooops – I played a game of touch rugby for the first time in 10 years and surprise surpise I tweaked a muscle:(

I run most weeks and even do short sprits every 1-2 weeks yet due to combination of factors and the length and intensity of the sport by muscles couldn’t withstand the stress. That said – shit happens and now I just need to follow the axiom = calm shit down, build shit back up:)

Things that went wrong

  1. I haven’t played touch rugby in ten years
  2. I ran hard twice in the days leading up to the rugby. I could already feel by hamstring was tired

Things that will help me recover

  1. The new stress wasn’t totally unreasonable, my fitness for running was ok, so lots of my surrounding muscles will be strong
  2. I’ll focus on good sleeps and easy activity

Once I am ready I will

  1. Build up my running again
  2. Do Nordic hamstring exercises
  3. Do deadlifts / squats / jumps
  4. Play squash at a lower intensity

After two days its already changed a lot. At this stage I’m confident in my recovery but things happen so I wont get discouraged if I have to shift gears again.