I was fortune it to be able to help out at the PCO squash tournament this past weekend. I set up a table on Saturday and Sunday and helped injured and non-injured players ranging from 16-60 years of age! I used different forms of treatment depending on whether the athlete was preparing for a game or ramping down after a difficult tournament.

There were two important lessons for most of the athletes. One: the importance of cross training and/or strength training to minimize tissue overload; two: the importance of technique to reduce strain of the weaker joints in the body, particularly the wrist and shoulder.

It was great to be able help a few fellow squash players as well as take in some of the great squash.

Here is a link to a useful video I took performing two movements that promote hip mobility, end range loading, and spinal control.


I better to get to the court to work on my own game!!
Dave Carter