When I started my career and reflected on great physical health I thought of physical actions – running, walking, playing a sport – now there is no arguing that these actions are great for our physical health but I think our current understanding of the mind and body forces us to look a little broader.

People look to me for advice on how to feel their best physical self. In the past I rambled on upon certain exercises and how to do them – my tune has changed. I try to dig a little deeper to find out what their best physical self really means and what actions or inactions they are taking. By finding out what really matters to the person in front of me I can offer a much broader and useful prescription.

In addition to running my business at the VRC I ran a small work conditioning program from September to March. We went for walk on most days but occasionally I added a little treat. We strolled the seawall to terra breads and got coffee. In this work setting I have the luxury of time. We were able to talk about old memories – both happy and sad  – and share in a nice moment outside of the gym. All the exercise in the world couldn’t replace the connection, the sharing, and the dialogue that occurred. This isn’t easy to do but as clinicians we need to start digging a little deeper, finding ways to create true connections and helping people with the things that really matter.

Here is to helping people feel their best physical self through movement, mental health, and social connection. Dave

I am physiotherapist working just off Main Street in Vancouver BC. I offer services in injury rehab, persistent pain, and sport performance.