“Physio Dave has dramatically improved my ability to walk and stand by
developing a safe and effective program for my severe knee arthritis.
His simple gym exercises have allowed me to safely recover a great deal of leg strength I thought I had lost forever. I now have much greater mobility both with and without my knee brace, and feel grateful to Dave for his expert help every time I play golf, go for a walk, do yardwork, or even just get in and out of my car. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone wanting help managing their arthritis.”

Allan Tuokko

November 4, 2018

I was thrilled to receive this testimonial from Allan. He had done work with a physio through the initial stages of pain and swelling but the physio new he needed more support in the gym to reach his goals. He had also met with a surgeon who discussed the possibility of surgery within the next year. As a physio who has access to a full gym and specializes in exercise and motivation I love helping clients like Allan. Allan put in a lot of effort and is now reaping the benefits. Everyones journey will be different but OA is not a sentencing to pain – you can rehab this diagnosis.

When dealing with knee pain as you age there are options that can change the way you live. Exercise therapy has been shown to be effective and the gold standard treatment for knee pain. Many modes of exercise are effective – which is great news because you can tailor a plan to your suite your passions. I work with you to devise a plan that includes your needs and desires. I also tease out  what motivators are going to help keep you on track with your exercise long term. I know it can be difficult to stick with an exercise regime so I do everything I can to make it easier. With you permission I do check in phone calls or text messages, we set objective goals, and we create a clear exercise plan with pictures or videos.

Getting through pain and injury takes effort but it can also be an incredibly fun and rewarding process. I hope to work with you soon!

Dave Carter

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