Working at love, a book by Sharon Salzburg.

This week I listened to the 10% happier podcast with Sharon Salzburg. The messaging from her book, Real Love struck a chord as it aligned with other messages I was hearing.

We all go through ups and downs in our relationships, our work., our lives. This past month I was reminded of the importance of action. Everything we do – work, relationships, love, and happiness take practice, take work, and take commitment.

There are activities we tend to gravitate towards, activities we will more easily work at. Two areas I was reminded to work at this week were love and confidence. Love doesn’t just happen. We have to take action and show the people around us we love them. Saying the words isn’t enough. The same goes for confidence. Our thinking mind has a tendency towards the negative. We can take action against this by consciously being grateful of our surroundings and consciously aware of the good work we do. We amplify our confidence by taking the time to recognize the good and not just the bad.

As a physiotherapist I try to remind patients to look for the positives in their bodies, not just the pain. We can’t ignore pain but we often we pay too much attention to it. I see great benefit when patients work on other body parts and remind themselves where they still have strength, capacity and resilience. When we switch our thinking and start taking action change can occur.

I hope to do the same in my life. Thanks for reading