Why: This service fosters long term relationships both online and in person. This is for the person who needs both guidance and “nudges” to exercise and is looking to change potentially negative health habits.

What you get:

  • Online discovery questionnaire: where do you rate your health right now?
  • Initial face to face consultation: medical history, goal setting, health baseline, health behaviours and exercise competence.
  • 11 clinical exercise sessions.
  • SMART Goal implementation.
  • Access to ongoing support.
  • Regular “nudges” to keep you track and moving towards your goals.
  • Option to extend to a monthly subscription.
  • Timeline 4-6 months.
  • Resources on health living and behaviour change.
  • Partially covered by extended health benefits.


  • $750 for 11 sessions over 3-4 months
  • $75 monthly subscription for ongoing support: 1 phone call + 1 x 30 minute exercise or rehab session
  • Book Movement as Medicine through the Book Now Button.
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