This one is for all the squash players out there! This was my first tournament in a year and it was a great learning experience. I wanted to share my three take aways from the weekend.

1. Like any sport a players ability to study his opponent has a significant impact on the result. My inexperience and my opponents ability to find my weaknesses was very evident over the four days.

2. You can always be fitter! I rely on my fitness to succeed, but as the players around me get more skilled it means I have to be just that much fitter. I clearly was not fit enough.

3. Tournaments are an amazing opportunity to put your hard work on the line, measure yourself against others, and learn from people with better skills.

I took every opportunity I could to get feedback from the pros and the coaches at the tournament. I began implementing some of the changes this week and look forward to staying focused over the next 8 weeks. The next tournament is in March, so until then its more fitness and more backhand practice for me!

Yours in health and squash
Dave Carter
ps – greg galthier my new favourite squash player (his movement is incredible!)