Over the weekend I played in the evergreen squash tournament and provided physio to the visiting squash pros. There was one Canadian and three Australians participating and were ranked from number ten to thirty in the world. I learnt a few things that I wanted to share.

1. How to market yourself at a tournament: if your table is not easily visible and you do not have a big banner print off 5-6 posters and place one at each of the courts.

2. Take down as many names and email addresses as possible. You can start compiling sport specific groups that you send pertinent information to. If any of the players live in your area you can ask to put them on your business newsletter list.

3. It is tough to play in a tournament and provide really good PT services! I want to combine the two aspects again in the future but i will have to make sure I devise a better plan with the event organizers prior to starting.

Yours in health,
Dave Carter