I listened and read to a couple interesting pieces on email organization. Here are my golden takeaways.

1. If it takes less than 2 minutes to read, respond, and send, do it right away.

2. Organize your inbox so that certain emails are automatically filtered (go to your gmail / email settings and have a play around)

3. Canned responses. I have used this in the past but it is a great tool. Check out how to create email templates that you can re-use and make additions to quickly.

4. Boomerrang: this application allows you to send email at a later time or resend email to your inbox to remind you to respond at a later time. Fantastic way to organize some emails for the week. Works much like hootsuite.

5. Set aside time each day and put time limits on when you do your emails. I try to stop at 9pm and usually have my breakfast and coffee while reading before I get into any emails.

6. Unsubscribe: Unroll me is an app that shows you all of your subscriptions. Check it out.

I hope these tips help organize your email chaos!

Thanks for reading,