I have been listening to some great podcasts on Marketing and I wanted to highlight five big takeaways. I have also included some links at the bottom to some good resources.

1. There is no silver bullet to business success. All components of your business take hard work and a good strategy! Checkout Naomi Simpson.

2. The biggest asset you have as a business owner is your tribe. The people that follow you and believe in you. Stay connected with them and provide them with things they want and need. Instead of seeking out customers, seek what the customers (your tribe) want. Seth godin obviously does an amazing job of expanding on this!

3. Business cards – try only taking a few out with you when you go to events. Get other people’s cards so that you are in control of the conversation. You can take the initiative and contact them, that way you don’t risk losing a good contact.

4. A piece of gold: landing pages that convert. Timbo reid brings this up often. Your landing page should be a call to action. It should be clean, simple, and above all draw people in to use your services.

5. I learnt this one while at a meet up on creating better content: videos are gold. Having a great snappy video on your homepage can really engage and captivate people.

This is post number one from “lessons from the road.” Lots more to come as I take advantage of all the free amazing knowledge available to us. Yours in good health,
Dave Carter