Another three months have gone by and Danny is now six months. In the three months since my last post we have ushered in a climate accord, a Cubs World Series Win, a Trump presidency, and in Canada – more pipeline drama:) Danny has also made some big strides – he can sit on his own, he crawls (a little), and we think he waves. Not bad;)

In that time our family has learnt some important lessons. As the craziness of the first months morphed into a slightly calmer and more structured period, it took us time to find our footing. I started to want more out of the day and felt inclined to do “more.” As I reflect on this period I realize that our lives, so full of choice and bounty, can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is wonderful to have options, choice, and the ability to do a variety of activites. On the other hand we can fall into a habit of looking for something more, instead of being satisfied with what we have. The counter to this arguement is that without the drive for more, life can become stagnant, but alas, like so many things in life the answer is a fine balance of both. It is important for us create a life where we reach our potential but it is equally important to sit back and relish what you have.

So, what’s the take home lesson from little D?

Take time (yes, we all have this magic resource) to figure out what can be cut from your life. What should you stop doing? What isn’t returning at that rate it should? Start saying things – I can’t do it or NO. I love being on the go but when it starts to affect your ability to be present with your son, your wife, your life, it’s time to start shedding. Life is not a race, it is a journey and I really believe that by simplifying I will start to have more time for the things that matter most in life.

Thanks for reading