In my last post I discussed the transition to in-season training. Most squash BC players are now six weeks into their season. Don’t wait until the new year to reflect, do it now. How is your training going? What can you improve? Are you focusing on the right things? With these questions in mind lets run through ideas for training from a fitness and squash lens.

Are you training enough to meet the demands of your games? This can be tough but if you want to perform at a high level and reduce the risk for injury your training sessions should be equal to or harder than your matches. By bringing your training load up to this level there are no surprises come game time! This is especially true for those wishing to compete in tournaments. Don’t make a tournament the first time you have to play two games in one day:)

Are you developing the skills in your game? Once you and a coach have identified an area to work on, spend dedicated time to this skill each week. Fit it into warm-ups, cool downs, solo hitting, or drills. By improving a skill you improve your game. Improving your game means winning points and running less. To get fitter you don’t always need to focus on on the physical aspects of the game. Better skills will improve your fitness because of better court efficiency. I can attest to this one!!

Are you working on your cardiovascular fitness? At almost any level in squash better cardiovascular fitness will improve your game and keep you playing longer. You see it at every level in squash, as matches extend the fitter player usually prevails. The fitter player maintains good body position and makes fewer errors as their opponent gradually breaks down and makes unforced errors. Consider adding in ghosting drills, court sprints, or even bike sprints after a training session or match. It will be tough in the moment but you will be thankful in your next five setter!

Are you maintaining your strength? This shouldn’t constitute a huge portion of your week but doing a few key lifts every 1-2 weeks will help you maintain power and strength and leave you in good shape throughout the season. A little routine like this might help.

Thanks for reading

Dave Carter