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Health FAQ

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We all have a lot of questions about injuries, treatments, and health in general. The movement towards answering these questions with honesty and sound research is increasing but unfortunately there are still lots of practitioners trying to benefit from the complexity of the system. My goals is to provide answers that are simple and honest, and that will not only expand your understanding of the body but also further our quest towards true evidence-based practice.

FAQ – Early management of injuries and tissue healing

The Stages of Healing (Tendons and muscles heal the fast, ligaments are slower because of poor blood supply, bone heals quickly when set correctly because it is in a constant state of remodelling) 1.     Inflammatory [...]

August 27th, 2014|Health questions answered|

Running: a few things to think about on your next run.

I had a customer who was struggling with ongoing calf cramping while running. Objective signs were improving and we had discussed technique within the clinic; however, the cramps were still coming on. I decided it [...]

June 27th, 2014|Health questions answered, Physiotherapy|

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