Just last week I finished the first level of the Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling course. Dry needling is the use of small, solid, acupuncture needles to pierce the muscle belly in an attempt to ellicit a twitch response. It is a very powerful tool for the modern physiotherapist. I thought I would share what the course covered as well as my opinion on the course.


The course covered the following topics.

1. Accunpcture vs dry needling
2. Understanding neuromuscular dysfunction: Trigger points, radiculopathic model, functional model.
3. Dry needling safety
4. Dry needling techniques
5. Anatomy: origin, insertion, function, and innervation. Level 1 covers the hip, thigh, calf, arm, shoulder, a portion of the lumbar spin and a portion of the cervical spine.
6. The top tier Selective Functional Movement Assessment.
7. Pain science

The course was wonderfully run thanks in part to a great host in Richmond (Melina Kertakus) and two local Vancouver therapists for setting the course up (Jason Shane and David Leyland).

The teachers of the course were also incredible. They were always around to help and very open to answer questions. The days were long with very little time for a break but the course was organized in such a way that you were able to absorbe an incredible amount. The course also included a practical and written exam that had to be passed for completion. The test was a great motivator and an opportunity to practice and learn the skill under scrutiny. Nobody loves exams but this was a very affective way to improve your skill set.

For the next month I will be practicing the skill on friends and family. In November I will attend the functional therapeutics course which will then allow me to use dry needling on my clients. So far things have gone well and I am looking forward to using dry needling as a regular treatment technique.

Thanks for reading,
Dave Carter