What is physio (physiotherapy)? It is the application of exercise, education, and empowerment to facilitate the healing process in patients. Physiotherapists work with people of all ages through pain, injury, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions. Like no other medical profession we promote health living through exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. We strive to be experts in exercise prescription and injury management.

Why do you work as physiotherapist? I love promoting exercise as medicine. The body is an incredible bioplastic entity – it constantly evolves as we move, think, and live. I love showing my patients how our body can adapt when it is given time, good health, and the appropriate mental space. My approach is not complicated but it takes a change in mindset and requires both an investment from the patient and therapist. To me the investment is worth it if you I can leave you more independent and confident in your body’s ability to heal.

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What populations do you work with? I work in a clinical setting focused on musculoskeletal (tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints) injuries and pain. I see people of all ages and needs for short term and long term problems. I specialize in youth athletes, OA patients, chronic pain and squash athletes.

Why are you qualified to treat youth athletes? Through years of active sport participation as an athlete, coach, and therapist I am equipped with the skills to connect and motivate youth athletes. Youth athletes require a physio who understands their sport, the healing process, and the unique challenges faced by teen athletes. I still play sport at a high level and won’t ask athletes to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.

Why are you qualified to treat squash players? I have extensive training as a physiotherapist and have played competitive squash for almost ten years. I know what it takes to improve (I started with less than 1000 points), go through injury, and compete at close to the highest levels. I am in the process of completing my level one training as a coach. This gives me a deeper appreciation of the sport and allows me to have an even better relationship with youth coaches.

Why are you qualified to treat chronic pain conditions? There is no denying that as pain persists the healing process can become more difficult. However, we also know that chronic conditions are treatable. I spend a lot of my spare time studying textbooks, research articles, and listening to the most up to date speakers on pain. Chronic pain requires effort from both the clinician and patient. I don’t promise miracles but I can promise a hard working, up to date physio armed with the best education tools and exercise knowledge to get you started on the road to recovery. Furthermore, I have a good network of clinicians who complement my skills.

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Where are you located? Head over to my contact page!

I am located in Mt Pleasant at the Vancouver Racquets Club. 4867 Ontario Street. The club is at the corner of 33rd and Ontario. There is ample parking at the club during the day. My office is attached to the gym just inside the club. As you enter the club you head down the hall to the right. You will see my sign and small waiting area just outside the gym.