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Fortius in-service on the upper rings, neck, and cranium.

On January 30th Diane held a 3 hour in-service at the incredible new Fortius Centre in Burnaby British Columbia. I posted this on the clinic site but I thought I would share it through my site as well!

The 3 hour lecture has been condensed down to 57 minutes and includes information listed below. For more information on Diane’s courses in your area refer to: Schedule 2014/2015.

Areas covered:

1. A review of the ISM (Lee & Lee).

2. Vector analysis, meaningful task, meaningful complaint, and drivers.

3. Palpation and an in depth anatomical review of the upper rings, cervical spine, and cranium…the “ring dance.”

4.Postural analysis and task analysis.

5. What affect does a ring correction have on the neck.

6. Sternocleidomastoid and its relationship to the bones of the upper quadrant.

Further reading:

1. Thoracic Inlet – do we a good link or information to share on this? I thought some further reading would be cool.

2. Deep cervical fascia – do we have a good link for information on this? (

3. Anatomy conversations on cranial motion: Free Goodies.

4. Relationship between the neck and thorax: Science Direct. If you have access to the full journal it is a good read.

If you are interested in learning more or want to find a course near you, follow this link: Schedule 2014/2015. Enjoy the video and send us your feedback!

Yours in health,

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