Interested in building a personal philosophy? I would like to share some of the ideas that I think are important.

1. Why do people come to me? I want to give my clients the tools to not only get better but to excel in their activity of choice because of better movement and better knowledge.

2. Who is my preferential population? I don’t have a preferential age but I want clients (men, women, or kids) who have an activity they are striving to get back to. I can relate to that. I am starting to work with more squash players which is great because I love the sport!

3. Why am I in this profession? I am in this profession to connect, share information and learn from the people I treat.

4. Why do I do what I do? I love working as a physio. It gives me the opportunity to work closely with motivated clients who want to feel better about their body both physically and mentally. I want people to feel happy, confident and ready to move better.
5. Building a reputation around exciting experiences is a powerful tool.

6. Use humour to connect with clients.

7. If you do not have a really good reason for not being able to perform a certain exercise – you lose credibility when prescribing it.

8. When we write about our goals, our beliefs and our feelings, they may come true. If we share them and discuss them they will come true.

9. This was a big one for me when I first started: addition by substraction. Getting rid of the noxious stimulus / activity is often the most powerful tool we have.

10. Look for ways to go above and beyond. A helpful reminder phone call, text or email. Remember something special about the client. Seek out advice for them and / or get them in contact with other professionals who can add to your service.

There areĀ others but 10 is enough food for thought. I would love people to share their answers.

In good health