So you just sprained your ankle at (insert activity here) and you are not sure what to do. Although ankle sprains are incredibly common they can be troublesome to rehab and often turn into a chronic condition (Wikstrom et al, 2013). Ankle sprains vary in severity but there are a few key things to do following any ankle injury.

Remember this
1. POLICE – see my post on acute injury care. Protection, Optimal Loading, Ice, Compression, Elevation
2. Answer the Ottawa Ankle Rules:
– Can you walk on the foot for more then 4 steps?
– is their tenderness over the bones at the end of your leg on either the inside or the outside?
– is their tenderness over any of the bones of the foot?
– If you answer yes to any these you may need an x-ray
3. Whether a mild or a severe ankle injury it is beneficial to see a physiotherapist. We will work with you to ensure good ligament healing, appropriate strength progressions, and to identify non-optimal movement patterns that may predispose you to ankle injuries.
Treatment options
#1 Hands on mobilizations
#2 Dry Needling for trigger points and soft tissue release
# 3 Movement therapy
# 4 Instrument assisted soft tissue massage
Goals for treatment
#1 manage pain, swelling, and range of motion
#2 Improve Strength
# 3 Regain proprioception of the ankle and foot (your bodies awareness of where your foot is in space)
# 4 Regain power and dynamic foot control
# 5 Progress back to sport specific training
Take the injury seriously and treat it with respect, we spend a lot of time on our feet!
Thanks for reading.
Dave Carter
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