Danny turned three months today. It seems like such a short period of time but I really couldn’t imagine life without him. Every moment with him is like a little treat. His cry, his smile, and his laughter all have an incredible impact on your emotions. Daniel may not be able to speak but in his own way he reminds you to slow down and reflect on your life.
He makes me appreciate all the wonderful things I have my in life – nice friends, supportive family, great work, awesome wife (Meesh), and friendly neighbours. This reminder makes me think twice when I feel spiteful, angry, jealous or resentful. It reminds me that I have too much good in my life to  worry about things I often can’t control.
Looking back on a journal entry I had written during his first weeks of life I saw something  that I hope sticks with me. “You are a dad. Someone looks up to you now. Be your best everyday and be the role model you know you can be.”
What does that mean to me right now?
We all experience similar pains through a child’s life but we have a choice as to what kind of moods or behaviours we are going to act upon. This is a lesson I want Danny to learn early in life – I think it is a pretty invaluable gift. If I can model this I’ll be happy.
Now without getting too much more philosophical, as I know Meesh is getting more and more worried about, I would like to finish with one final thought. Daniel has changed more in three months than anything I have ever seen or been a part of. Life is always changing but it speeds up when you are a parent because you see how fast kids can change. I was starting to learn this lesson before Daniel but if I don’t do it now life will flash before me before it’s too late. Try your best to stay in the moment, put your phone down, turn off the TV, take a vacation, or tune into your work – you won’t regret working at this early in life as it will pay off in spades as you grow older.
Now go out and make some babies….or just enjoy the moment:)