Over the last few months I have spent a large amount of time thinking about how people can stay healthy and move better without disrupting their day and putting added pressure on already busy schedules. As a physiotherapist, unlike most other medical professionals, we pride ourselves on empowering our clients to get better using their own skills in conjuction with our guidance. Our goal is to create windows of opportunity through manual therapy techniques so that our clients can begin to implement change that will create lasting results for better health and better movement.

This morning I had the opportunity to discuss ways that young professionals can increase their overall fitness and lead more balanced lives.

My tips were:

1. Our goal each day should be more time spent at a slightly elevated metabolic rate – meaning more time walking, standing, cycling, squatting, stairs, etc.
2. If we can complete #1 we should then start to incorporate more High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Keep your workouts (runs, rides, gym) short and high paced. Get the heart rate high, rest and repeat. For example a runner might do the following: 1-2 movement drills focusing on an area of the body that does not move optimally, followed by 6 x 30-60 seconds sprints with 1-2 minutes of walking in-between. #5 discusses how to build up to this.
– These workouts are great for our metabolism.
– They are efficient.
– They are easier to fit into your day.
3. While working, get in the habit of getting up every fifteen to thirty minutes – do some squats, jumping jacks, back bends, or push ups. 30 seconds then back to work. This should be the norm in our offices.
4. If you sit at work – think variety. Stand when on the phone, have walking meetings, get a standing desk, sit up right, sit slouched, sit cross legged. The body loves variety so give it some.
5. Workouts don’t always need to be a grind. Keep them short, succinct, and at a level that you feel comfortable. As you get in the habit push the intensity.

With all my clients I try to find innovative ways to fit novel movements into their daily routines that will help them perform better and reduce pain.

Get in the habit of moving and thanks for reading!
Dave Carter