It has been an interesting few months for everyone and thankfully because our province has moved forward with re-opening I am able to offer more services. 

The modified re-opening of the VRC has happened and the process of re-opening my clinical space has begun. For the next 7 weeks I will be taking clients 1-2 days / week. All exercise sessions will be outdoors and only necessary rehab sessions will use the clinical office. I will continue to offer virtual care. As changes happen I will update my policy’s, procedures and hours. 

To ensure the safety of all of my clients, I have implemented a series of safety measures.

To ensure the safety of all of my clients, I have implemented a series of safety measures.

  • I will be wearing protective equipment aligning with guidelines from health regulators.
  • I have 15-minutes between appointments to sanitize and prepare the work areas. 
  • All staff will check their temperature every morning, and will stay home if their temperature is elevated or if they feel unwell.
  • I am only seeing a limited number of patients in a week.
  • As much as possible I will use the outdoors for exercise.
  • I am practicing physical distancing outside of work.
  • I am staying informed and taking all steps recommended by public health officials. 


  • Please stay home if you’re feeling unwell, if you’re at high risk of infection, or if you recently returned from travel. We would be happy to set up a virtual care appointment with you. Cancel anytime you need:)
  • Please check out the BC Self Assessment Tool 1 day prior to your appointment (I will also send this to you prior to your appointment) If you’re prompted to call 811, please do so and then let us know when you get a chance.
  • Please arrive for your appointment on time If you are early please wait in your car. You can text me. I will always meet you outside the club and take you to the office or outdoor area. Please do not enter the club with out me.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer when you arrive and try to avoid touching your face.
  • For indoor appointments please wear a mask or let me know and I will supply you with one. For outdoor exercise I will wear a mask and maintain distance. You may or may not wear a mask.
  • If you sneeze, please sneeze into your elbow and wash your hands after.
  • Sometimes appointments may have to be rearranged for safety, health or family reasons. We are all in this together.

In conjunction with the VRC I have included my Infection, Prevention and Control Guide and my WorkSafe Health and Safety Plan

To see my availability, to book an in-person appointment, or virtual care consult Click HERE. You can also text me at 7788390779 to set up a time. 

I am thankful to be at this stage and look forward to seeing or hearing from you in the coming weeks.

Dave Carter

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