Location: Vancouver Racquets Club. Outdoor training sessions and indoor physio care within the clinic office (located within the gym area).

In accordance with WorkSafe BC COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Consultation between the staff of the Vancouver Racquets Club (physical location) and Dave Carter Physio and Health (therapist) was completed.

Need to Know

This document provides guidance for the prevention and control of COVID-19, including: environmental, operation, personal and clinical measures. It is based on the latest available best practice and scientific evidence from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.The guidance may change as new information becomes available.

Environmental measures

Physical changes

  • Exercise sessions: all exercise sessions will take place outside on the South side of the VRC. Any physiotherapy care will only take place within the office setting.
  • Reception: each patient will be signed in by David Carter and met outside the VRC. Patients will be walked to either the outdoor area or the indoor clinic
  • Alcohol based hand rubs: available with outdoor equipment and indoor clinic
  • Clinic Room: emptied of clutter and when possible two metres will be maintained by patient and therapist. 
  • Signage: use of VRC and BCCDC signs posted indoor and outdoor to promote physical distance, hand hygiene, cleaning, disinfection, and appropriated cleaning of surfaces

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Outdoor exercise are:
    • All equipment will be cleaned with disinfected prior to and following sessions
    • Extra time will be allotted for cleaning to occur
    • Wipes, spray bottle, and hand sanitizer will be available
  • Indoor clinic space
    • Decluttered, cleaned, and disinfected between each patient

Operational Measures

Physical Distancing and Minimizing Physical Contact

Physical distancing means maintaining a distance of 2 metres between two or more people. The following physical distancing strategies have been implemented:

  • One patient per visit
  • Staggered appointment times
  • Minimizing staff to myself

Virtual Care

I will continue to offer and promote virtual consults

In person appointments

All clients will receive a text message on the morning of their visit to ensure there are no symptoms of COVID-19. Only one client per visit and because appointments are non-urgent, in person appointments will be rescheduled or offered virtual care if a: 

  • Patient is confirmed COVID 19 positive
  • Patient has had contact with, or an exposure to a person who is confirmed COVID-19
  • Patient reports or shows signs of COVID-19 like symptoms


To reduce risk and exposure no visitors or family members are permitted to the appointments. For youth appointments virtual care will be offered.

Personal Measures

Stay home when sick

  • I will stay home if I have symptoms of COVID -19. I will follow BCCDC and WorkSafeBC guidance for self-isolation if I am sick with any respiratory illness, 
  • I will assess myself daily for symptoms of common cold, influenza or COVID-19 prior to coming to the VRC

Hand Hygiene

I will perform rigorous hand hygiene with plain soap and water or alcohol based hand rub between patients. Patients will have access to alcohol based hand rub to be used prior to and following sessions.

Respiratory Etiquette

Patients and myself should:

  • Cough or sneeze into elbow
  • Throw away used tissues and perform hand hygiene
  • Refrain from touch their eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Refrain from sharing food or drink

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

I will have a procedural mask for myself and patients when needed. The below guidelines are for patients and myself with no symptoms and low risk.

For myself:

  • Direct patient care: procedural mask will be worn indoors and outdoors
  • Non-clinical areas of VRC: procedural mask required
  • Common space: procedural mask to be worn

For Patients:

  • Indoor direct patient care: procedural mask is mandatory in the Vancouver Racquets Club. Masks to be worn at all times.  
  • Outdoor exercise area: no PPE required
  • Patients with any symptoms will be required to reschedule

Clinical measures

  1. Pre-visit
    1. For in-person exercise or physiotherapy: text message sent including COVID 19 screening questionnaire
    2. Screen for symptoms
    3. Reschedule or offer virtual care if symptoms present
    4. Remind patients they are to meet me outside the building 
    5. Pre-screen patients outside if they did not respond to text message
    6. All patients signed in with the office at the VRC
  2. In Clinic
    1. Check in 
      1. outdoors of VRC
      2. Prompt patient to perform hand hygiene
      3. Screen if necessary using Canadian COVID 19 screening questionnaire
      4. Direct patient to indoor clinc area or outdoor exercise space
    2. Myself
      1. Perform hand hygiene
      2. Clean indoor or outdoor space with disinfectant
      3. Don appropriate PPE
      4. Practice respiratory etiquette
      5. Remind patient to do all of the above
    3. Check out
      1. Prompt patient to perform hand hygiene
      2. Ensure physical distance measures are taken and disinfectant applied if patient needs to use the bathroom


CPTBC IPAC resource:

CPTBC Standard 11 – Infection Control:

COVID-19 Checklist questionnaire

WorkSafeBC how to use a mask:

Physio Dave Carter WorkSafe BC COVID-19 Safety Plan