Its hard to believe it has been almost been two months since I last worked at the VRC. With so many unknowns during this time our family feels very fortunate. My wife was able to go back to work for the hospitals and I was able to take over most of the weekly childcare. In many ways it has been a blessing, I never would have spent this much time with either of my young children and it has given us pause to reflect on how a simple life can still be very enjoyable.

At this stage I am committed to being at home with the kids but will continually reassess as the situation changes. With this in mind I have started to open up availability for online physiotherapy and exercise. I have been doing a little over the past few weeks and it works surprisinligy well. Much of the assessment is doable with the right cues and a bit of team work and the planning and exercise portion can be done effectively. As always I send a review of our shared plan as well as relevant education and videos.

The exercise follow up sessions can be quite fun as well. We make due with available equipment and I coach and cue verbally. By sharing videos I am able to further enhance the experience and help ensure the required movement skills are developing.

If you need anything please reach out. Lets hope BC can open safely and effectively in the weeks to come.