What I learnt from Paul wrights interview on the sports physiotherapist podcast. I have only listened to the podcast once but I am definitely going to go through it again as there is some fantastic information. As a new therapist I think there are some great pearls and I hope this post sparks some business initiative in my fellow therapists!

Paul wright on running a successful physio business:

A.Systematize everything – as an owner or an employee, it allows you to train new staff more easily and allows you to get away from your job more easily. As a new therapist it saves you time and allows you to spend more time marketing yourself. Things to think about: how you chart, how you follow up, how you keep track of patient success or drop off, etc.

B. If you are going to market you must be able to measure it. How to do this with social media? How do I know whether it is working for me? You can find click through data on most websites and twitter and FB both provide good data.
Always use marketing approaches that allow you to track how many of the specials you have sold or how many people visited the specific webpage you provided with the advertisement. If you post something on twitter you can check your website information to see how many people went to the specific URL you tweeted about.

C. As a new therapist you are a marketer. Learn how to approach doctors, gyms, businesses and self yourself!

D. Build a book of contacts by offering free seminars or in services. Every chance you get take down emails and put them in a group. Engage with them by emailing good content. Useful warm up tips, sports tips, other seminars you are providing, etc.

E. When approaching people for business have a plan of how you can make their life easier or better. Write up a word document that clearly and concisely outlines your skills, your approach and how you plan to make life easier for the clinician

F. When you are booking someone show them you have a plan: ie not just “come in next Thursday and we will see how we go from there.” Say, “we will have you in 4x over the next month, 2x next week and 1x there after.” If you need to, you can change the plan down the road.

He covers more but I will leave that to another post and after I have listened to it a second time!