I love the holidays. Nothing beats a month of good cheer and friendly gatherings. I would even guess that most of the population, no matter their race or religion, loves the month of December. On Christmas Day and New Years Day people are in such a good mood they even say hi to strangers. This small change, the way we interact with strangers, is what makes the holidays truly special.

But as I went for my walk this morning I realized things were back to normal. Head down, no eye contact, no engagement. This not the first time that this topic has been written on (#justsayhello) but I am going to try to keep the good cheer rolling and continue to say good morning, good afternoon, and good evening…or “hello.”  We live in a big city, why not try to make it a little smaller, a little kinder, a little warmer.

Will you join me? Let me know your thoughts.

Dave Carter

Image taken from: http://www.londondesignguide.com/2011/11/ldg-extract-justsayhello/