Sport injuries: Ankle sprains

An ankle sprain is still one of the most common youth sport injuries, in fact even in adults playing recreational sport it is one of the most common visits to the emergency room.  A sport like squash sees its fair number! Although still common practice few ankle sprains actually require an x-ray (a visit to emergency) but rarely do people or clinicians know to use the Ottawa ankle rules (tender to touch around the ankle [...]

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Reflections on Running

I started running a little more in late 2019 when my knee started hurting and I needed to back off from the squash court. It was fun to be learning something new again but by late winter I was playing more squash again. Things changed of course again in mid March, so my focus returned to running. The experience has given me a greater appreciation for how long it can take to get truly “comfortable” [...]

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Do I need core training for squash??

Core training has been a buzz word for years and was an area I focused on during my time as a personal trainer. I now realize our obsession with "core training" was misguided. Every movement we do requires our core to stabilize and provide a base to generate movement and power. If you think you need core training to improve your game  first identify what your training needs are. From this starting point an appropriate [...]

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Direct Billing Announcement

If you have insurance coverage I now bill the insurance companies directly. Just bring your policy and ID number and I file the claim. If there is a residual I will charge the remainder to your credit card. It means one less step for you. I take insurance claims for Pacific Blue Cross, Great West Life, Sun Life, and many other major insurance providers. I hope this new service makes a difference to your experience [...]

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Osteoarthritis blog testimonial

“Physio Dave has dramatically improved my ability to walk and stand by developing a safe and effective program for my severe knee arthritis. His simple gym exercises have allowed me to safely recover a great deal of leg strength I thought I had lost forever. I now have much greater mobility both with and without my knee brace, and feel grateful to Dave for his expert help every time I play golf, go for a [...]

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A Physio’s journey through femoral acetabular impingement syndrome

I went through an intense bout of hip pain in late July, early August 2018. I had been off the squash court for a 6 weeks and was spending more time in the gym, running hills and doing solo hitting. The pain came on after a particularly hard match where I extended into the back corner. I have had groin strains in the past but this was unique. I did an assessment on myself and [...]

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Micro blog: working at love

Working at love, a book by Sharon Salzburg. This week I listened to the 10% happier podcast with Sharon Salzburg. The messaging from her book, Real Love struck a chord as it aligned with other messages I was hearing. We all go through ups and downs in our relationships, our work., our lives. This past month I was reminded of the importance of action. Everything we do - work, relationships, love, and happiness take practice, [...]

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The need for physiotherapy to champion exercise

The roots of Physiotherapy were planted during world war I and II. We strengthened, encouraged and taught people to move again following injury. Since this time there has been a slow transition towards more passive treatments and pain eradication. I think the time has come for us to refocus our attention on how the simple, but incredibly dynamic, tool of exercise can get more people moving, with less pain and better health. Although more and [...]

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Why you will benefit from coaching and accountability

I am physiotherapist and exercise coach. I help people recover from injury and help people maintain there health through regularly exercise. We have all experienced the struggles of sticking to a plan. Over time motivation to exercise decreases and the effort becomes increasingly difficult. One way to deal with a decrease in motivation is to increase your ability to complete the task. A coach, who keeps you accountable, who checks in with you, and who [...]

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Rehab and pain education for youth athletes

Education on injury and pain can vary from clinician to clinician, but it shouldn’t. Healthcare clinicians have a duty to be up to date with the latest research, educational tools, and clinical guidelines. In the same breath we also need to adapt as new information comes to light. I think one of the most important components of my treatment is offering quality evidence based education. In Canada we tend to think of treatment as massage, [...]

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