What to do with a break in the squash season

As the winter break approaches it is important to consider how to use this time to best improve your game and physical health. First things first. Reflect on your first half of the season. What went well. What needs work? What are you hoping for in the second half of the season? What does time permit during the busy winter schedule? Is their a nagging injury you need to address? Once you have completed the [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is physio (physiotherapy)? It is the application of exercise, education, and empowerment to facilitate the healing process in patients. Physiotherapists work with people of all ages through pain, injury, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions. Like no other medical profession we promote health living through exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. We strive to be experts in exercise prescription and injury management. Why do you work as physiotherapist? I love promoting exercise as medicine. The body [...]

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Micro blog: working at love

Working at love, a book by Sharon Salzburg. This week I listened to the 10% happier podcast with Sharon Salzburg. The messaging from her book, Real Love struck a chord as it aligned with other messages I was hearing. We all go through ups and downs in our relationships, our work., our lives. This past month I was reminded of the importance of action. Everything we do - work, relationships, love, and happiness take practice, [...]

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Your October Monthly Dose

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The need for physiotherapy to champion exercise

The roots of Physiotherapy were planted during world war I and II. We strengthened, encouraged and taught people to move again following injury. Since this time there has been a slow transition towards more passive treatments and pain eradication. I think the time has come for us to refocus our attention on how the simple, but incredibly dynamic, tool of exercise can get more people moving, with less pain and better health. Although more and [...]

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A response to the CPA acupuncture article.

I always read the CPA magazine because it is important to stay abreast of what our professional organization is discussing, implementing and supporting. I was disappointed in the recent edition (Oct 2018, promoting the value of physiotherapy) when I read a feature article on acupuncture. As a profession we claim to be evidence based and to offer best practice to our communities, yet this article was wrought with opinion, poorly supported and overly simplistic. I [...]

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Your September Monthly Dose

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Squash training: pre-season preparation

We have still have some great weeks of summer ahead but the start to squash season is now just six weeks away. Hopefully if you followed my last blog you started doing a few weights in July to build up your strength for the season. As I stressed in the prior blog, although strength is important it does not replace running, ghosting, and hitting lots of squash balls! In the end, the key to performance [...]

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Your August Monthly Dose

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Your July Monthly Dose

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