Sport injuries: Hamstring strain

Hamstring injuries - both muscle strains and tendon overload can benefit from load management, strengthening, and movement skill. In this video and post I discuss the benefits and implementation of a strengthening routine. In high speed sports like squash, soccer, and rugby, hamstring injuries are common place. The high velocity of sprinting, kicking, and lunging puts the hamstring unit under tremendous stress. If an athlete manages stress well the unit can become more resilient but [...]

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FAQ: How do I reduce injury rates??

People often ask me the following question: what is the best way to stay injury free? There are many ways to answer this question and althought it may be difficult to say with 100 percent certainty, I do have a few ideas. 1. Move often: We know that being sedentary is awful for our general health and our soft tissue structures. 2. Have different strategies for movement: If we do move I would hypothosize that the [...]

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