Sport injuries: Ankle sprains

An ankle sprain is still one of the most common youth sport injuries, in fact even in adults playing recreational sport it is one of the most common visits to the emergency room.  A sport like squash sees its fair number! Although still common practice few ankle sprains actually require an x-ray (a visit to emergency) but rarely do people or clinicians know to use the Ottawa ankle rules (tender to touch around the ankle [...]

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Do I need core training for squash??

Core training has been a buzz word for years and was an area I focused on during my time as a personal trainer. I now realize our obsession with "core training" was misguided. Every movement we do requires our core to stabilize and provide a base to generate movement and power. If you think you need core training to improve your game  first identify what your training needs are. From this starting point an appropriate [...]

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What to do with a break in the squash season

As the winter break approaches it is important to consider how to use this time to best improve your game and physical health. First things first. Reflect on your first half of the season. What went well. What needs work? What are you hoping for in the second half of the season? What does time permit during the busy winter schedule? Is their a nagging injury you need to address? Once you have completed the [...]

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In Season Squash Fitness Reflection

In my last post I discussed the transition to in-season training. Most squash BC players are now six weeks into their season. Don’t wait until the new year to reflect, do it now. How is your training going? What can you improve? Are you focusing on the right things? With these questions in mind lets run through ideas for training from a fitness and squash lens. Are you training enough to meet the demands of [...]

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A Physio’s journey through femoral acetabular impingement syndrome

I went through an intense bout of hip pain in late July, early August 2018. I had been off the squash court for a 6 weeks and was spending more time in the gym, running hills and doing solo hitting. The pain came on after a particularly hard match where I extended into the back corner. I have had groin strains in the past but this was unique. I did an assessment on myself and [...]

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Squash training: pre-season preparation

We have still have some great weeks of summer ahead but the start to squash season is now just six weeks away. Hopefully if you followed my last blog you started doing a few weights in July to build up your strength for the season. As I stressed in the prior blog, although strength is important it does not replace running, ghosting, and hitting lots of squash balls! In the end, the key to performance [...]

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Summer squash training – get strong and get fast.

To become a great squash player at any level you need to play lots of squash - this is a given. We also know by training different systems we can become more mentally and physically resilient. Building a base of strength and a strong cardiovascular system is a great way to improve speed, increase physical resilience and lessen burnout from too much squash. I discussed ways in which to become a resilient squash player in [...]

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The Vancouver Squash League: It rocks!

Beer league squash finals - does it get any better?? I argue that in the amateur sports realm not much:) I have played a lot of sports in my day but few compare to the fun of Monday night league. It combines individual intensity, team camaraderie and social beers, much like rugby. The bonus of squash is you play the game well into your 60s and 70s. The league works like this. Every Monday from [...]

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My post game strength routine

I am not a big fan of the post game stretch, especially if it is done under the pretence of injury protection. To date no research has shown stretching as protective against injuries. I may be proven wrong but current research suggests that strengthening is more protective for non-contact injuries. Stronger tendons and muscles are less likely to break down or cause pain. Following a squash match or drill session I head to the gym [...]

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Kettle Bell Strength Routine

In this video I demonstrate five exercises you can do with a kettlebell. They range from simple to complex. Strength training helps to protect joints, muscles and tendons but it is important to consider your sport and your own unique needs. I always look for exercises that will train high stress areas and areas that are significant for my clients. This routine might be great for someone rehabbing a shoulder or looking to build up [...]

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