Reflections on Running

I started running a little more in late 2019 when my knee started hurting and I needed to back off from the squash court. It was fun to be learning something new again but by late winter I was playing more squash again. Things changed of course again in mid March, so my focus returned to running. The experience has given me a greater appreciation for how long it can take to get truly “comfortable” [...]

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Running: a few things to think about on your next run.

I had a customer who was struggling with ongoing calf cramping while running. Objective signs were improving and we had discussed technique within the clinic; however, the cramps were still coming on. I decided it was time to hit the pavement with him to get a true sense of what was going on.After warming up his areas of dysfunction: Right ankle range, hip range, thoracic rotation we hit the pavement. There were a few things [...]

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FAQ: Shin Splints (MTSS)

There are a number of conditions that may cause lower leg pain. In this post I discuss medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) and to a lesser extent, tibial stress fractures. The two conditions are now thought to be on a continuum and share similar signs and symptoms. MTSS was for many years was thought to be caused by inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tibia. More recent research indicates that MTSS is more likely caused by a spectrum [...]

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Five tips for your next run!

This week I listened to the Physio Edge podcast with David Pope. His guest was Canadian Physiotherapist Blaise Dubois....Blaise works in Quebec City and specializes in running prehab and rehab. Blaise had strong views on both running rehab and shoe choice (lets just say he did not like "big bulky shoesss"). There were some great lessons to be learnt as well as a few that I know are still hotly debated. Next time you are [...]

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Great running resources

This week I looked further into important topics surrounding running. Below are the articles and videos that I thought were most helpful. Hopefully you will find some of the content useful! 1. A really nice article on the importance of foot health and its impact on running. 2. An in depth write up by a college running coach on the passive, active, and dynamic systems involved in running. 3. A great article by Mike Reinold [...]

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