What to do with a break in the squash season

As the winter break approaches it is important to consider how to use this time to best improve your game and physical health. First things first. Reflect on your first half of the season. What went well. What needs work? What are you hoping for in the second half of the season? What does time permit during the busy winter schedule? Is their a nagging injury you need to address? Once you have completed the [...]

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Sport injuries: Hamstring strain

Hamstring injuries - both muscle strains and tendon overload can benefit from load management, strengthening, and movement skill. In this video and post I discuss the benefits and implementation of a strengthening routine. In high speed sports like squash, soccer, and rugby, hamstring injuries are common place. The high velocity of sprinting, kicking, and lunging puts the hamstring unit under tremendous stress. If an athlete manages stress well the unit can become more resilient but [...]

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Kettle Bell Strength Routine

In this video I demonstrate five exercises you can do with a kettlebell. They range from simple to complex. Strength training helps to protect joints, muscles and tendons but it is important to consider your sport and your own unique needs. I always look for exercises that will train high stress areas and areas that are significant for my clients. This routine might be great for someone rehabbing a shoulder or looking to build up [...]

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Pulling strength in the gym

Strength training is a great way to protect your muscles and tendons from repetitive strain. My biases is towards heavier weights with less reps but the most important factor is just doing the work. Whether you chose high loads and low reps or lower loads and higher reps, consistency will always get you results. In this video I show three pulling exercises. I like to strengthen the shoulder through pushes, pulls, presses, and creative or [...]

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Squash Resilience

https://youtu.be/UEUTebpZSpM Wow...what a rally. As amateur squash players our rallies may not always get to two minutes, but this rally begs the questions - what do the best do to tolerate such gruelling points?  How do you become a more resilient amateur athlete?   First things first. Injuries typically occur, not because of overuse but under-training . The body was inadequately prepared for the sport. If you train smart and hard your body can handle a lot of [...]

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FAQ: Shin Splints (MTSS)

There are a number of conditions that may cause lower leg pain. In this post I discuss medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) and to a lesser extent, tibial stress fractures. The two conditions are now thought to be on a continuum and share similar signs and symptoms. MTSS was for many years was thought to be caused by inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tibia. More recent research indicates that MTSS is more likely caused by a spectrum [...]

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