Personal neck pain story

I try to use story’s, either personal or patient experiences to help patients navigate rehab. Knowing that other people have gone through it and recovered can be quite reassuring. Following a few consecutive golf days which was a rarity for me I noticed a little ache in the upper back - definitely caused by the uptick in swings. It was fine for a few days but after a few shorter sleeps, more wine, and a [...]

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September 2020 Monthly Dose

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A reflection from my time at home during COVID-19 

Like everyone on the planet COVID-19 affected our family. Not all the change however, was bad news. Yes I had to stop all in person physiotherapy (I moved some of my work virtually) but thankfully my wife could return to work and I could turn my energy to caring for our kids.  I know many families were forced to juggle work and kids from home, in some ways the forced simplicity of stopping work was [...]

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Reflections on Running

I started running a little more in late 2019 when my knee started hurting and I needed to back off from the squash court. It was fun to be learning something new again but by late winter I was playing more squash again. Things changed of course again in mid March, so my focus returned to running. The experience has given me a greater appreciation for how long it can take to get truly “comfortable” [...]

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2020 Learning Plan

Another year gone by and an opportune time to review my learning plan. I plan to stay away from courses to keep my weekends free for the kids but I am in a good habit of reading most mornings of the week. I tend to jump from one topic to another and although this may not be the most efficient approach it keeps me reading. I like to have different options: library book, fiction, non-fiction, [...]

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Why I need an early wake up

Thanks to different jobs and spurts of motivation I have gotten up around 5am, on and off for about 10 years. Yet it wasn't until our second winter with Danny that I finally committed to making it a true habit. I fell out of the routine and on most mornings Danny would wake us up between 5.30 and 6am. If you thinking walking up to an alarm is bad its nothing compared to a screaming [...]

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2019 Learning Plan

I like to think I have been selective with the courses I have taken…but sadly I jumped on the dry needling band wagon and spent a lot of money on a treatment I no longer use. To see why I have moved away from this modality see my two blogs, here and here and this article written by John Quinter.  Whether you are a new grad or a seasoned therapist, reflecting on your needs and [...]

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January 2019 Monthly Dose

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is physio (physiotherapy)? It is the application of exercise, education, and empowerment to facilitate the healing process in patients. Physiotherapists work with people of all ages through pain, injury, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions. Like no other medical profession we promote health living through exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. We strive to be experts in exercise prescription and injury management. Why do you work as physiotherapist? I love promoting exercise as medicine. The body [...]

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In Season Squash Fitness Reflection

In my last post I discussed the transition to in-season training. Most squash BC players are now six weeks into their season. Don’t wait until the new year to reflect, do it now. How is your training going? What can you improve? Are you focusing on the right things? With these questions in mind lets run through ideas for training from a fitness and squash lens. Are you training enough to meet the demands of [...]

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