Monthly Dose April 2021

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Monthly Dose June 2021

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Monthly Dose February 2021

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December 2019 Monthly Dose

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January Challenge Theme Summary

From January 15 - February 15th I had 12 clients take part in an exercise and nutrition challenge. I asked them to record as much of what they ate as possible to help them reflect on their eating habits and I provided general nutrition information as well as specific questions and suggestions for each of them. Below is a summary of all the themes I noticed and spoke about. I have included all the videos [...]

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January 2019 Monthly Dose

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The January Challenge

There are three main goals of the challenge To get in touch (not obsess) with what you are eating To offer exercise options and implement them consistently To help kickstart good exercise and eating habits What you get A place to track your food. I will look this overly weekly and provide reflective feedback Weekly workouts that can be done outdoors or in the gym Support. Ask me questions - if I don’t know I [...]

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My guest blog on Naked Snacks:)

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A response to the CPA acupuncture article.

I always read the CPA magazine because it is important to stay abreast of what our professional organization is discussing, implementing and supporting. I was disappointed in the recent edition (Oct 2018, promoting the value of physiotherapy) when I read a feature article on acupuncture. As a profession we claim to be evidence based and to offer best practice to our communities, yet this article was wrought with opinion, poorly supported and overly simplistic. I [...]

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Squash training: pre-season preparation

We have still have some great weeks of summer ahead but the start to squash season is now just six weeks away. Hopefully if you followed my last blog you started doing a few weights in July to build up your strength for the season. As I stressed in the prior blog, although strength is important it does not replace running, ghosting, and hitting lots of squash balls! In the end, the key to performance [...]

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