July 2020 Monthly Dose

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A reflection from my time at home during COVID-19 

Like everyone on the planet COVID-19 affected our family. Not all the change however, was bad news. Yes I had to stop all in person physiotherapy (I moved some of my work virtually) but thankfully my wife could return to work and I could turn my energy to caring for our kids.  I know many families were forced to juggle work and kids from home, in some ways the forced simplicity of stopping work was [...]

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Why I need an early wake up

Thanks to different jobs and spurts of motivation I have gotten up around 5am, on and off for about 10 years. Yet it wasn't until our second winter with Danny that I finally committed to making it a true habit. I fell out of the routine and on most mornings Danny would wake us up between 5.30 and 6am. If you thinking walking up to an alarm is bad its nothing compared to a screaming [...]

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Welcome baby Mackenzie

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A moment to remember

Parenthood has taught me many lessons, one at least, appears to have stuck. If you have the opportunity slow down and take in your surroundings. While Danny and I were at the Bloedel Conservatory I had the urge to move quickly and get on to our next outing. Instead of being fully present and focusing on the moment I was already moving onto the next thing. It twigged when I was sitting with Danny, seen in the [...]

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Danny turns 1

This is the transcript of the letter I wrote to Danny for his first birthday. It's meant to be a special gift to Danny but I felt the words were worth sharing. Thanks Danny - you were loved the moment you were conceived and that love has grown with each passing day. You are precious but resilient. You are able to make us laugh, worry, and cry all in the same moment. You are an [...]

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The modern man’s business trip

The modern man’s business trip I can’t say for certain but I think the morning of a typical business trip has changed over the past 20 years…even the past 5 years. – – – – – – The night's sleep was fraught with pre-emtive wake ups even though the last failure of your alarm clock occurred when you were 15. You wake up around 5, not to a beeping alarm but to a gradual light [...]

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Lessons from a nine month old

Another three months behind us. Danny is babbling more and more but no words yet. A few sounds are pretty similar to Dadda but I don't mention this to momma:) He is pulling himself up to stand but because he can't get down we have witness a few head smashing falls - only tears, no blood yet. He is playful and silly like his mom and is definitely showing signs of a little personality. He [...]

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Lessons from a six month old.

Another three months have gone by and Danny is now six months. In the three months since my last post we have ushered in a climate accord, a Cubs World Series Win, a Trump presidency, and in Canada - more pipeline drama:) Danny has also made some big strides - he can sit on his own, he crawls (a little), and we think he waves. Not bad;) In that time our family has learnt some [...]

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