Monthly Dose July 2022

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Monthly Dose March 2022

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Monthly Dose may 2022

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Monthly Dose April 2021

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Monthly Dose June 2021

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Monthly Dose February 2021

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Your Monthly Dose – July 2019

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The January Challenge

There are three main goals of the challenge To get in touch (not obsess) with what you are eating To offer exercise options and implement them consistently To help kickstart good exercise and eating habits What you get A place to track your food. I will look this overly weekly and provide reflective feedback Weekly workouts that can be done outdoors or in the gym Support. Ask me questions - if I don’t know I [...]

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Osteoarthritis blog testimonial

“Physio Dave has dramatically improved my ability to walk and stand by developing a safe and effective program for my severe knee arthritis. His simple gym exercises have allowed me to safely recover a great deal of leg strength I thought I had lost forever. I now have much greater mobility both with and without my knee brace, and feel grateful to Dave for his expert help every time I play golf, go for a [...]

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The need for physiotherapy to champion exercise

The roots of Physiotherapy were planted during world war I and II. We strengthened, encouraged and taught people to move again following injury. Since this time there has been a slow transition towards more passive treatments and pain eradication. I think the time has come for us to refocus our attention on how the simple, but incredibly dynamic, tool of exercise can get more people moving, with less pain and better health. Although more and [...]

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