2020 Learning Plan

Another year gone by and an opportune time to review my learning plan. I plan to stay away from courses to keep my weekends free for the kids but I am in a good habit of reading most mornings of the week. I tend to jump from one topic to another and although this may not be the most efficient approach it keeps me reading. I like to have different options: library book, fiction, non-fiction, [...]

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2019 Learning Plan

I like to think I have been selective with the courses I have taken…but sadly I jumped on the dry needling band wagon and spent a lot of money on a treatment I no longer use. To see why I have moved away from this modality see my two blogs, here and here and this article written by John Quinter.  Whether you are a new grad or a seasoned therapist, reflecting on your needs and [...]

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Rehab and pain education for youth athletes

Education on injury and pain can vary from clinician to clinician, but it shouldn’t. Healthcare clinicians have a duty to be up to date with the latest research, educational tools, and clinical guidelines. In the same breath we also need to adapt as new information comes to light. I think one of the most important components of my treatment is offering quality evidence based education. In Canada we tend to think of treatment as massage, [...]

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Your August Monthly Dose

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5 tips for those suffering from low back pain

Most of this information is from the Physioedge podcast with Kieran O'Sullivan. I hope these notes are helpful. 1. When finding the best position for sitting think carefully about your symptoms. An erect spine is not necessarily the best position. For those in chronic pain who find sitting difficult try lots of different positions. 2. Movement is the best thing for our back. I encourage any form of exercise that feels good and that clients [...]

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